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Throwback Thursday: A Look at Our Childhood Halloween Costumes

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NBC10 Boston
Left to right: meteorologist Michael Page, reporter Abbey Niezgoda, reporter Mike Manzoni.
Kathryn Sotnik
Anchor/reporter Kathryn Sotnik says her mother broke her sewing machine making her skunk costume. Sotnik's best friend (pictured right) was dressed as a cow.
Jeff Saperstone
Anchor/reporter Jeff Saperstone was happily clowning around in his costume in 1985.
Pamela Gardner
She bewitches us daily with her meteorology knowledge, but here's Pamela Gardner as a witch at the age of 4.
Michael Page
Before he was saving the day by giving us a heads up on our forecast, Michael Page was a superohero for a night.
Dan Stein
Writer Dan Stein's mother had to dig through a box of pictures to find this gem of him dressing as a firefighter.
Melody Mendez
"Remember Rainbow Brite?" asks anchor Melody Mendez with this throwback picture.
Monica Madeja
Of course people remember Rainbow Brite! Here is reporter Monica Madeja, who also rocked the costume during her childhood.
Alysha Palumbo
Rainbow Brite was a beloved cartoon. Here's reporter Alysha Paumbo in her costume in 1986. She says she dressed as the brightly colored cartoon twice because she got sick in kindergarten and reprised the role in 1st grade.
Mike Manzoni
"In this early 90s throwback photo, I was apparently a clown without hands," says reporter Mike Manzoni.
Abbey Niezgoda
"On The Good Ship Lollipop" never gets old for reporter Abbey Niezgoda, who dressed as Shirley Temple as a kid.
Audrey Asistio
Anchor Audrey Asistio says she always had one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes thanks to her mother's love of sewing. Here she is at 3-years-old in the 80s, dressed as Cleopatra.
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