Plans to Open Third Rail in Former Roslindale Substation Have Fallen Through

Ashmont 918

It looks like a long-awaited dining spot from a well-known Boston chef and restaurateur is not going to be happening after all.

Universal Hub is reporting (via Roslindale Village Main Street) that plans for Chris Douglass to open Third Rail in the former trolley substation in Roslindale Square have fallen through, and that Roslindale Village Main Street, Historic Boston Inc., and Peregrine Group, LLC, are now looking for a new tenant to move into the space. According to UH, Douglass, who is behind Ashmont Grill and Tavolo in Dorchester, has had to deal with a delay in having a new power cable brought into the space along with other issues that were connected to the "historical nature" of the old substation building, which was built in 1911.

A location of Craft Beer Cellar can currently be found in the former substation, and 43 new housing units have been built around the structure as well. (Plans for a restaurant to open in the substation were first mentioned nearly five years ago.)

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