Plow Drivers Excited for More Snow

Massachusetts businesses that rely on snowfall are hoping for more as winter wears on

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It hasn't been a blockbuster snow season in Massachusetts, but plow operators will take what they can get.

"We usually prep throughout the year to expect a bad winter, but it's always good to have snow," said Darwin Fajardo, co-owner of Fajardo Landscaping in Maynard.

This winter has been a big improvement over recent years.

"So far, the season's been great," he said. "Lately, the past few seasons have been pretty horrible."

But it just hasn't been enough snow for Adrian Ferreira, owner of Ferreira Company, a roofing contractor in Taunton.

"Part of my business is removing snow from roofs when they become dangerous," said Ferreira. "So far, no calls."

He's counting on a whole lot more snow to rake in the cash.

"You've got to have about 25 to 30 inches on the roof," he said. "So it's still early in the season."

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