Police: Burglar Posed as Water Department Worker

Investigators are asking the public to take a close look at surveillance video that captures a man moments after he allegedly broke into a home in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

The burglary happened Saturday in the middle of the afternoon. Police say the crime began when the man showed up at a house. He allegedly told the elderly woman who answered the door he was from the water department and needed to check her meter.

Authorities say he flashed a phony ID badge, then pushed the woman and barged in.

The victim tried to call 911, but the man ripped the phone from her hand.

The woman still managed to call police as the man escaped through the basement, swiping a ring before he left.

"There's scum out there," said neighbor James Stewart. "You have to be very diligent who you let in. Watch out for people like that. You see it all the time."

It's believed two men took part in the crime — one who entered the home, another who was driving a silver SUV.

Similar crimes have taken place in several communities recently, according to police.

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