Tires Stolen, Car Windows Smashed at Honda Dealership in Weymouth

At least $200,000 worth of wheels were stolen from cars in the Ocean Honda dealership parking lot in Weymouth, Massachusetts. By Monday afternoon, 44 of the 48 wheels had been found and returned.

"There's a black market for the wheels, the fenders," Joel Ginsberg, the general manager of Herb Chambers Honda in Boston, said. "They are worth more in parts than they are as a whole."

According to officials, no one has been arrested in connection to the incident. It is unclear how many people were involved.

Police in Weymouth are still investigating.

Officers who responded to Ocean Honda on Main Street shortly after midnight on Monday found tires stolen and car windows smashed. 

Managers at Ocean Honda say two types of wheels were stolen. Most of the wheels were later found in a van in Weymouth. 

Each set of tires cost about $4500 and wheel thefts off Honda vehicles are not uncommon, according to managers at Ocean Honda. Although the cars had wheel locks, the thieves apparently used a master key.

Authorities have not released any additional information on the incident. 

Just last year, a Stoneham dealership also had some Hondas propped up on milk crates and the wheels stolen off of the cars.

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