Police in Several Massachusetts Communities on Hunt for BB Gun Vandals

Police in several communities are on the hunt for the BB gun vandals who have been targeting the windows of vehicles and damaging homes.

A few days ago, Wayne Parker, of Whitman, says he woke up to shattered glass and hundreds of dollars in damage to the SUV parked outside his house on Auburn Street. He immediately called 911, and that’s when Parker found out he wasn’t the only victim.

“First thing I thought was vandalism,” said Parker.

In the past couple of weeks, police said a dozen cars within a half mile square radius, were shot by BBs, leaving a trail of broken windows.

“Our guess is it’s more than one person,” said Whitman Deputy Police Chief Timothy Hanlon.

Most of the cars with damage were parked in driveways next to busy roads, which is why investigators suspect the incidents were all drive by shootings.

“It’s happening all over town, so they are most likely in a car,” said Hanlon.

During this same time frame, authorities in nearby East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater and Hanson say the vandalism has also been going on in their communities, with vehicle windshields and even some homes being hit.

Police say the victims appear to be randomly targeted during all hours of the day, and there are no eye witnesses.

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