Police Investigating Apparent Noose Found on Tree in Swampscott

"Hopefully it was left there for an innocent reason, but we have to take a look," said one police investigator, who acknowledged the many protests held in Linscott Park recently

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Police in Swampscott are asking for the public’s help after they say an apparent noose was found hanging from a tree in Linscott Park. 

The long green rope with a loop at the end of it was reported to police Monday morning. They are now investigating it origin. 

“The person who called it in was shocked that it was there, and so were we,” Sgt. Jay Locke said. 

He said they hope it was used for an innocent purpose and left behind. Police posted a photo of the suspected noose on social media, asking for the public’s assistance. 

Locke said that, with so many protests happening in the park over the last year, he knows tensions are high and that is another reason why they have to investigate. 

“We have seen everything from people mad the governor is opening up the state to COVID issues to Black Lives Matter,” Locke said. “Hopefully it was left there for an innocent reason, but we have to take a look.”

After seeing the photo, some in town believe the rope was used as a swing, but Locke said the loop was at least four feet off the ground. 

“I hope they were swinging on it. I hope that’s what they were doing and not trying to send a message,” resident Nisha Davis said. “It’s 2021. We’re all the same. There’s no point in sending messages like that.”  

Swampscott police are urging anyone with information to contact them at 781-595 -1111. If it turns out to be an act of hate, their civil rights division will get involved. 

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