Bandaged and Bloodied Shootout Suspect Appears in Court

A man shot by police during an exchange of gunfire in Lunenberg, Massachusetts, early Friday morning is facing attempted murder charges, authorities said.

Brian Binder, 31, of Nashua, appeared in court Friday bandaged and bloodied as a result of his shootout with police.

Police said they received a call around 12:30 a.m. for a report of a suspicious man on Chase Road, which is also know as Route 13. When officers arrived at the scene and tried to make contact with the man, Binder allegedly pulled a gun from his backpack and fired at the officers.

Investigators said Binder fired several rounds, but missed the officers.

The officers shot back, hitting Binder in the hand. The suspect then allegedly ran into the woods, where he dropped his handgun and was caught shortly afterward.

"The officers said the defendant ran from the scene. Officers chased the defendant and apprehended him," prosecutor Marc Dupuis said at Binder's arraignment on Friday. "During that, he was actually wounded by one of the officers who discharged their firearm."

Binder was taken to UMass Medical Center in Worcester to treat his gunshot wound.

He is charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault to murder and carrying a firearm without a license. He was ordered held without bail on Friday pending a dangerousness hearing on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said he has a criminal record in New Hampshire and Nevada, including assault and kidnapping charges.

Binder had a court-appointed attorney for his arraignment.

Earlier today, footage from NBC Boston's Sky Ranger helicopter showed police had cordoned off the road by a car dealership. Investigators could be seen walking along the road and gathering evidence.

Because of the ongoing investigation, two miles of Chase Road, which is home to several businesses and residences, was temporarily closed to through traffic.

"It's crazy. It doesn't matter I guess where you live nowadays," said Kelly Boucher, who lives nearby. "This just happens everywhere. He's crazy for even thinking he could shoot at a cop. I'm just glad they were able to handle the situation the way they did and nobody was killed or anything because that would have been terrible."

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