Police Looking for Two ‘People of Interest' in Violent Robbery in Quincy, Massachusetts

Police are looking for two men being called ‘people of interest’ in a violent attack in Quincy, Massachusetts.

It happened on Pope Street, where neighbors say it’s typically very quiet and crime like this is out of the ordinary.

“I’m almost embarrassed to say like I’ll got out for a walk and leave my door unlocked all the time,” said Pope Street resident Rachel Dolmatch.

The female victim tells police she had just returned home after spending the night at a casino.

As she exited her car, she was attacked right in front of her home.

One of the suspects allegedly threw her to the ground and stole her handbag, then took off in a car with Rhode Island plate 527526.

“All it is is a tank of gas to come follow her all the way back here and to make a big score so it doesn’t surprise me,” said Daniel MacDonald, who also lives on Pope Street.

The victim tells police she recognized one of the suspects from earlier in the evening at the casino.

Even though they know the license plate of the getaway car, investigators have not been able to locate the vehicle as it’s been reported stolen.

They’re now hoping surveillance images will lead to some answers.

The victim suffered serious injuries, and she told police she had a substantial amount of money in her pocketbook.

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