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Police: NH Man Shoots Dog in Self-Defense

Manchester, N.H. - Carlos Ryan got out of the hospital and was home Sunday night with a big bandage on his arm.

The 67 year old said he felt like he had no choice to shoot a dog when, he said, it started running towards him after attacking him.

"I wasn't going to wait, no way," Ryan said. "He came after my dog...jumped on my arm, and brought me right to the ground."

Ryan was walking with his own dog in his neighborhood when the dog, a pit bull, attacked him. After it brought Ryan to the ground, he said it tried to attack his dog again. That's when he fired one shot.

Ryan said he always carries a gun on him, and said doesn't leave the house without it.

"It's too dangerous out there," he said.

The owners of the pitbull didn't respond to a request for comment.  The dog is expected to be OK.

Manchester police said that the pit bull was transported to a nearby veterinarian's office for treatment. 

Police are still investigating.

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