Police Officer's Wife Accused of Staging Burglary, Spray Painting ‘BLM' on House

A police officer's wife is accused of staging a burglary at their Massachusetts home.

Millbury Police say Maria Daly will be issued a summons for her to appear in court soon after she allegedly confessed to staging the burglary.

From the start, Chief Donald Desorey had a hunch. He wondered why someone would break into one of his officer's house, while the officer, and his K-9, were asleep inside.

"I felt that there was more to the story then basically met to the naked eye," Chief Desorey said Friday.

On Oct. 17, an officer called 911 to report his home had been burglarized and someone had spray painted "BLM" — in apparent reference to the Black Lives Matter movement — on the back of the house.

"I did not draw any conclusions to what that would making reference to," Desorey said. "That was investigated to through this whole process."

According to the chief, Daly reported nearly $10,000 in jewelry and other items were stolen.

The chief says through that process it became clear Daly was fabricating the story, and that she eventually confessed.

"I felt sorry for the family, because I know something like this is devastating of the family," Desorey said. "This was probably motivated by some financial difficulties, that is about as far as I will go as part of this investigation."

Desorey says its also clear that his officer had nothing to do with this.

"I stress Officer Daly has been exonerated at this time," he said. "I've seen no evidence indicating he had any knowledge of what was happening."

Mara Daly, meanwhile, is charged with filing a false report.

"She has it coming if that is what really happened," said Gusty Sauber, who lives across the street. "The wife of a police officer, you would think she would know better."

"I have empathy for the family and the defendant as well — I'm very familiar with her, and it is unfortunate set of circumstances that has taken place," Desorey said.

Officers had the option to arrest Daly, but instead decided to issue a summons for her to appear in court. Chief Desorey was adamant on Friday that Daly was not receiving preferential treatment.

"It happened to one of our own," Desorey said. "It is not going to be swept under the rug, that is not going to happen."

It's unclear if Daly has an attorney.

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