Police: Organized Crime Ring Stealing Rogaine, Pricey Medications From Massachusetts Pharmacies

Police in Massachusetts are on high alert after a crime ring has been targeting Boston area pharmacies — taking high priced items such as Rogaine.

NBC Boston Investigators have learned exclusively that CVS alerted law enforcement after five stores in the Boston suburbs were recently targeted. CVS sent security camera images to police of the alleged suspects.

NBC Boston Investigators also learned that CVS stores in Sudbury, Natick, Westborough, Marlborough and Framingham have been hit.

“I really don’t even think of high-end products being sold here but I guess something like Rogaine or maybe other drugs that can be sold on the secondary market would be intriguing for them,” said CVS shopper Nancy Schwartz.

In the Framingham incident, a police report stated that three people tripped the security alarm system when they left the store on Saturday and stole $583 worth of Rogaine from the shelves.

In Westborough, Police Chief Al Gorden says about $2,000 worth of merchandise — including pricey over-the-counter medication — was stolen this weekend as well.

“I always worry about prices going up,” said CVS shopper Jami Wyatt. “I hope that wouldn’t get passed on to us. That’s something CVS needs to solve.”

CVS believes the shoplifting crew came in from New York and they could be driving a white Lexus SUV.

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