Police Recover Body in Muddy River

Officials confirm a recovery effort in Boston has led to the discovery of a body in the Muddy River.

Crews arrived to the Muddy River around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. The Boston Fire Department worked alongside the Boston Police Department and Boston Park Rangers in the recovery effort.

After hours of searching, Boston police confirmed they were able to pull a body from the marsh by the gardens at the Back Bay Fens. The area where the body was found is a popular place for children to play.

“It’s scary especially when parents are coming by with their kids. We don’t want little kids to see that because that’s scary for them,” said Boston resident Richard Dunshee.

“I think it’s terrible,” Bonnie Jones another resident added. “But as I said I believe it happened last year also and perhaps even the year before. It’s unusual, but it has happened before.”

The Medical Examiner’s office took the body from the scene and working on identification.

Although have not released the person's name, police are saying the body does not appear to be connected to the missing 23-year-old from Southborough.

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