Fentanyl Overdose Prompts Hazmat Situation in Chelsea

Authorities responded to a Fentanyl hazmat situation in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

According to police, officers observed what they thought may have been a motor vehicle accident in the area of 142 Broadway Street Sunday morning.

Upon further investigation, the officers saw hypodermic needles inside the vehicle and a white powdery substance inside a small package, police said.

The lone occupant was a female operator. She indicated that the powder may contain Fentanyl, police said.

According to police, she was transported to Cambridge Health Alliance in Everett for further treatment.

The hazmat situation has been contained by the Chelsea Fire Department.

"This is taken very seriously, throughout the country really, and unfortunately this is the world we live in and this is what we have to do to protect ourselves and our members," Chelsea Fire Deputy Chief Ed McGarry said.

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