Boston Police Officer Injured in Pedestrian Crash

The crash occurred shortly after noon on Monday

A Boston police officer was injured in a pedestrian crash on Monday.

The crash occurred shortly after noon on Hyde Park Avenue.

Police confirmed the injuries are not life-threatening.

Police said the injured officer was working a detail at a construction site near the Forest Hills MBTA stop when a dump truck slammed into a parked white van and into the officer's parked SUV.

"He was in the street laying down. Everyone ran to his aid," witness John Afonso said. "I ran and grabbed his radio and gave it to him to call it in."

A construction worker told NBC10 Boston he heard the dump truck trying to brake for several seconds and then heard the impact from the crash.

Neighbors say the area can be dangerous. They want everyone to be more careful.

"You honestly just have to slow down," said Martinas Andrews. "Watch where you're going. You know, a construction vehicle like that, two or three tons, can crush somebody, can literally kill somebody."

Aerial video from the scene showed about a half-dozen police vehicles and a van and a dump truck that appeared to have collided near a construction site. The street was shut down and cordoned off with police tape.

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