Police Search for Vandals Who Trashed Little League Field in Saugus

Police are searching for the vandals who were caught on surveillance cameras over the weekend trashing a Little League field in Saugus, Massachusetts.

The large group was caught on six cameras at World Series Park drinking, throwing beer cans, breaking bottles, damaging a dugout, kicking in doors, turning over trash cans and ripping a gutter from the concessions building.

Bob Davis, the park superintendent, helped start up the baseball field 13 years ago. He said he is at the baseball field almost every day fixing, cleaning or just watching the teams.

He said the field is used for countless community events and hosts 250 games from Little League all the way to college each season.

"I felt like I was going to get sick to my stomach. It was like somebody tried to break into your house," said Davis, who discovered the vandalism early Saturday morning.

More than two dozen people were on the field based on surveillance, despite clearly marked signs forbidding people from trespassing after hours.

The incident was reported to Saugus police, who now have the surveillance video in their possession.

"We have malicious destruction to a building, and if we can identify those individuals, we will charge them," Saugus Police Lt. Ron Giorgitti said.

Unfortunately, police have seen similar incidents around town.

"We had a report a while back at the other public schools, and we will be working on that and increasing patrols on that too," said Giorgitti.

Residents who frequent the park said they are shocked and saddened.

"I'm very disappointed. Bob works so hard to keep this field nice and clean," resident Kim Tobey said.

Davis said he will be able to make the repairs soon because of donations from the community. He said someone has offered to replace and fix the gutter and doors.

He also received an offer for someone to update the field's cameras. He said he still wants those responsible for the damage to be caught and punished.

"We built the field for the kids to play baseball, to give them a nice place to play, and it's pretty disheartening when you see other kids come in and causing damage to that," Davis said.

Police are reviewing the video and gathering other surveillance video from nearby buildings.

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