Police Search for Woman Who Allegedly Stole Packages From Multiple Homes in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Police are searching for a woman who allegedly stole packages off of the porches of four different homes on North and Main streets in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

Home surveillance video captured the suspect taking packages off of a porch in broad daylight on Monday.

People in the area are furious.

Nellie Grzybinski lives across the street and couldn’t believe detectives were at home asking if she saw anyone stealing potential Christmas gifts.

"It's just terrible."

Police say they recovered some of the empty boxes on another porch in the area. 

The items the woman got away with were some children books and, surprisingly, a home security system. 

Police were able to pinpoint the getaway car as a silver vehicle, with the alleged suspect driving.

In the meantime, Tewksbury police say there are few ways to keep yourself protected from package theft this holiday season, including sending packages to other locations or requiring a signature for the package delivery.

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