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Police Searching for Cape Cod Day Care Impostor

Police on Cape Cod are looking for a man who allegedly tried to get into home day care centers by pretending to be a licensor from the state.

According to police, multiple residents reported to the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care that a man posing as an EEC licensor or investigator had tried to get into home child care facilities in the Falmouth area.

An alleged victim spoke with NBC Boston on the condition of anonymity Monday. She said the suspicious individual showed up at her home one weekend last month while she was not there and a family member answered the door.

"He just said he was looking for me, that he needed to speak with me and that he was from child services," the provider said. "He didn’t show anything."

Falmouth Police put out a notice Sunday to remind the public that EEC representatives will always show photo identification from the state, and that the department would not make unannounced visits on the weekend.

"It really makes me wonder who or what he is looking for," Falmouth home child care provider Meg Wilson said. "Because they are somebody else's children and you don’t want to subject them to somebody they don’t know."

Wilson has a strict policy requiring visitors to show identification and sign in before coming into her home facility. Providers across the area said they are taking similar steps and remaining on alert.

The Department of Early Education and Care said all of the reports have been in the Cape Cod area, but they have sent out a notice to their providers across the state.

If anyone claiming to be a member of the department does not show valid identification, people are asked to call 617-988-6600 to report the suspicious visitor.

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