Polls Show Wu With Solid Lead But Essaibi George Supporters Say Wait for Election Day

In the final days before Boston's election day, campaign volunteers and supporters of Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George are focused on get out the vote efforts

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It's the final days before Election Day in Boston, and supporters of each mayoral candidate are working hard to get people to the polls.

From the IBEW headquarters in the city's Dorchester neighborhood, supporters of Annissa Essaibi George are preparing the mailers and working the phones. Making the rounds in the neighborhoods, campaign volunteer Terrence Williams said “We’re out here talking, we’re out here door-knocking, we’re out here on the grind.”

Williams is devoting the final days before Nov. 2 to get out the vote efforts -- hoping to reach those who don’t always feel motivated to cast a ballot.

“Especially the Black and brown folks who have had a hard time struggling,“ he said.

A few miles away in Mattapan, Rev. Miniard Culpepper was working the same constituency and said he thinks it's going to determine the next mayor of the City of Boston.

Culpepper was involved with the “Souls to the Polls” event on Sunday, targeting voters of color. He says Wu volunteers are well-schooled in the grassroots.

“You’ve got to have people knocking on the door saying, 'have you voted today?' And then have a ride ready to take them to the polls,” he said.

Culpepper likes the feedback he’s been getting on what he calls Wu’s bold ideas -- like rent control and free MBTA -- adding, “And the way that will manifest itself in the Black and brown community.”

The next mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu or Annissa Essaibi George, will take over in November, not January, so what are their top priorities?

But Williams says it is Essaibi George who connects with the Black community on police reform.

"We need our police. When we dial 911, who’s going to come to our rescue?” he asked.

Wu has promoted her endorsements from high-profile Black leaders, including Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Acting Mayor Kim Janey and former City Councilor Tito Jackson.

But Williams is not deterred.

"You asked about endorsements? Well here’s mine: my name is Terrence Williams and I endorse Annissa Essaibi George,” he proclaimed.

Polls show Wu with a solid lead among Black and brown voters, but Essaibi George supporters believe the results of the election will prove otherwise.

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