Popular Cambridge Formalwear Store Closes Its Doors After 122 Years

After 122 years in business, a popular Massachusetts formalwear store is closing its doors.

Keezers Classic Clothing owner Len Goldstein says the Central Square store in Cambridge has become too much of a burden and his three sons are not interested in taking over.

"I’m missing my grandchildren growing up," he said.

Goldstein has had the business for 40 years, selling tuxedos, new and pre-owned men's suits and overcoats.

"I’m disappointed I found out about this place so late," said shopper Tayseer Chowdhury.

Goldstein always guaranteed his customers they would be treated like a friend instead of a number.

"I don’t like seeing people get ripped off. People say they’re going to miss us, and that really gets me right here," Goldstein said.

The River Street location has been in existence since 1895, dressing Harvard Students, Boston Pops musicians and even President John F. Kennedy.

The business and land has now been sold for more than $2 million to Gerald Chan, a controversial billionaire investor who been criticized for buying up multiple properties in Cambridge, then leaving them vacant for long periods of time.

"He did say to me he wanted to keep it retail for a while then down the line, maybe make it into housing," Goldstein said.

Keezers officially closes on July 1.

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