New Hampshire

Power Outages Continue In New Hampshire

Thousands of people woke up in the dark in Southern New Hampshire. Salem, Windham and Pelham had a combined 17,000 customers without power.

Heavy, wet snow took down scores of trees snapped in half, brought power lines with them.

"You could watch the trees just swaying," said Jack Cooper.

Cooper spent Thursday digging his family out of the snow that poured on his neighborhood and bright trees down with it.

"Last night we heard some cracking, so we just looked out the window and we saw this tree just draped over the car there," Cooper said.

That was the picture all over Salem.

"Five more have come down and another came down on the line further down the street," said Suzanne Liddell.

"We've been through a lot of storms," said Joe Quinn. "Never nothing like this though."

Quinn woke up to downed trees everywhere including in top of his wife's car. "Totally covered. We had to get a chain saw to cut it out," he said.

Joe and his family are without power as most of his neighborhood.

People most prepared for this weather have a generator that gives them heat. A bridge until the power comes back on.

The clean up efforts have proved tough.

"This is the highest number of outages we've seen," said John Shore, Communication Director for Liberty Utilities. "We see a lot of individual incidents of these branches and it's just really causing a big mess today."

The power company is working around the clock to get power restored.

Most people wonder when power will be restored.

"We are expecting this to be a multi-day event," Shore said.

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