Mike Pescaro

Predicting the Long-Term Legal Impacts of Robert Kraft's Charges of Soliciting Prostitute

The misdemeanor charges against Robert Kraft, accused of soliciting a prostitute, are unlikely to land the Patriots' owner in jail. But that doesn't mean he won't have legal problems and questions about his legacy.

Michael McCann, associate dean of the University of New Hampshire Law School, says Kraft's legal team has a number of options.

"We haven't yet heard his defense," said McCann. "Presumably, he'll plead not guilty."

Police say they have video evidence and that will play a role in the defense strategy.

"We don't know what the videotape shows," said McCann. "If it's Robert Kraft, what was he doing on the videotape?"

McCann, who's also a legal analyst for Sports Illustrated, says it's unlikely Kraft will spend any time in jail even if he's convicted down the road.

"Given his age, given his lack of criminal record, given his good deeds over the course of his life," McCann listed.

McCann says the team likely won't be disciplined by the NFL — in terms of something like draft pick forfeitures — as this has nothing to do with any game-related violations.

"More likely consequence would be that Robert Kraft is punished by the the NFL, be it through a fine or a suspension or something along those lines," said McCann.

If Kraft is found guilty, he'd likely have to do 100 hours of community service, and take a course on sex-related crimes.

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