Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner in Space

Thanksgiving planning is tough enough for millions of American families on Earth, but imagine having to make turkey and all the fixings in space.

This year, Maine astronaut Jessica Meir will be doing just that, along with her American partners at the International Space Station. The crew recently shared what the experience will be like online.

In videos posted to NASA-run YouTube and Instagram accounts, Meir and her colleagues discuss what Thanksgiving means to them.

Meir describes Thanksgivings in Maine's Aroostook County as "all about family."

But after about a minute plus on the sentimental part of Thanksgiving, the astronauts pivot to show what exactly they'll have for their feast in orbit.

Their menu includes smoked turkey, vegetables, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese that will be rehydrated along with a cranberry-apple dessert, cookies and candied yams.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles below the ISS, in Freeport, Maine, Bo Byrne, executive chef at the Harraseeket Inn, is preparing a Thanksgiving meal for 1,000 people.

We asked him to compare the meal he’s making, which includes items like "lobster tostada with corn tortillas and smashed avocado."

"The dessert sounded really good," said Byrne when asked what of the space meal looks best. "It seems like a cranberry-apple crisp that sounded right on par with something you'd see on most tables around Thanksgiving."

Byrne was also complimentary of the "Out of This World" Cornbread Dressing, the recipe for which can be found online.

"That sounds great, and honestly, we're making something very similar," said Byrne.

Byrne also prefers the monumental task ahead of him, feeding hundreds of people, to going to space.

"I have to say, I'm very thankful for what they're doing up there and allowing us to stay grounded, so to speak," he said.

The team at the Harraseeket Inn also says Meir is welcome to have a Thanksgiving meal there next year, sans-pouch turkey.

In the meantime, Byrne recommends the Americans pair their Thanksgiving fare with a dry chardonnay or Tang.

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