‘I'm Very Happy': Murder Charges Withdrawn Against 21-Year-Old in Dorchester Shooting Case

Twenty-one-year-old Kevin Williams of Dorchester was arrested shortly after the murder of a gas station attendant in October

Murder charges have been dropped against a 21-year-old Dorchester resident in a stunning turn of events.

“They freed an innocent gentleman,” said Kevin Williams, who spent almost five weeks in jail for a crime he says he didn’t commit. “I’m very happy.”

Williams was arrested shortly after the murder of gas station attendant Jose Williams in October.

The two are not related.

Kevin said he was home with his mom at the time of the crime.

“I knew where my kid was,” said Regina Hunter, Kevin’s mother. “I knew what my kid was doing, I told them at the scene what my child was doing.”

Williams was approached by Boston Police and questioned soon after he left the family’s apartment to walk to his girlfriend’s home.

“And then they arrest him and my whole world crashed,” said Regina. “I spent 21 years making sure my kid stayed out of trouble.”

Prosecutors say they built their case on witness descriptions and video footage, but now say there’s not enough evidence to move forward.

Kevin’s family says he’s lucky.

His uncle is the former president of the NAACP who had access to top city officials and his mother persevered.

“My mom’s an animal,” said Kevin. “She puts her heart into everything.”

The family says Kevin was racially profiled, and there was a rush to judgement, calling the system “broken”, and they worry about other young African-American men.

“How many Kevins are out there,” said Regina. “How many Kevins are sitting behind these Massachusetts prison walls with nobody to speak out for them?”

Boston Police and the mayor’s office have so far declined to comment.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s office says the case is still open, under investigation, and a priority.

The family wants a public apology.

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