Protesters Hang Pro-Immigration Banner Over Highway in East Boston

The translation of the banner is "a day without immigrants."

A group of protesters hung a banner with a message supporting immigration over a highway in East Boston Thursday morning.

A banner with "Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes" written on it was hung over the footbridge before Sumner Tunnel on Route 1A around 7am.

The translation of the banner is "a day without immigrants."

Protesters Banner

The protestors moved the banner from the footbridge and closer to the entrance of the tunnel. The group then moved the banner to Maverick Square.

Protester Cata Santiago said, “The end goal is to make sure this country recognize that it is dependent on migrant labor.”

Protester Gloribell Mota said, “We can’t be the scapegoat. We’re taking care of your kids. We’re cleaning your buildings. When you want lunch, we’re ringing up the register for you so please respect us.”

Another large rally is planned in Boston at the Irish Famine Memorial at 3:30 p.m.

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