Provincetown Board of Health to Hold Emergency Meeting Amid COVID Outbreak

Town Manager Alex Morse confirmed that since the last update on Wednesday, another 174 cases have been reported

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Health officials in Provincetown, Massachusetts are scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on Sunday amid the massive number of coronavirus cases connected to the popular tourist town.

More than 430 coronavirus cases have been confirmed as connected to a COVID outbreak in Provincetown, with initial samples testing positive for the Delta variant.

The town's Board of Health is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Town Manager Alex Morse confirmed that since the last update on Wednesday, another 174 cases have been reported. However, he noted in a Facebook post Saturday that "we are starting to see a decline in our daily positivity rate, and we have resumed wastewater surveillance efforts."

The town had been tracking wastewater throughout the pandemic as a way to gauge the presence of the virus, but they had stopped in the spring, Morse said.

Provincetown is advising people to wear masks indoors and when social distancing in public isn't possible.

Michael Genereux, who tested positive for COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated and visiting Provincetown, describes the sickness he has been feeling for the last week.

Morse noted that health officials are still investigating the vaccination status of people in the cluster.

So far, there have been 430 positive and reported COVID-19 cases linked to Provincetown. Of these cases, 342 are Massachusetts residents and 153 of live in Provincetown. The others live in other states, Morse said Saturday.

"Cases among Massachusetts residents are found to be predominantly symptomatic (71%), with 69% of affected individuals reported to be fully vaccinated," Morse said. "Apart from 3 hospitalizations (2 in state and one out of state) associated with this cluster, symptoms are known to be mild and without complication."

After 130 people in Provincetown have contracted the virus, Provincetown officials advises people to wear masks indoors whether you are vaccinated or not.

People are being urged to get tested even if they have mild symptoms, were only in close contact with someone else who tested positive or are fully vaccinated.

"Provincetown continues to work closely with county and state health officials to track and respond to the evolving COVID-19 cluster," Morse wrote. "Expanded testing and vaccination will continue through July 30th and have thus far proved to be vital tools in the response effort as participation numbers increase daily."

As the number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts increases, more people are being tested.
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