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Prying Back The Cold

Tough getting up for those below zero temps this morning. If it's any consolation, we won't have to deal with numbers like that anytime soon.

Instead thoughts of 40s and 50s are floating around in my head. 50s?? Is this an extended thaw? Not quite, but with the jet stream buckling in response to multiple storms slamming into California, this is a done deal.

In fact, it kind of fits the M.O. this winter: sharp cooldowns and quick warmups. Hard to go against the mainstream.

This warmup isn't without issues however. There will be a very light mix along outer Rt. 2 and the Mass. Pike near Worcester tomorrow evening a batch of precipitation moves through. There might even be a coating of snow in places like Gardner, Orange and Keene, NH. Other than that, from the moment we wake to the moment our heads hit the pillow tomorrow night, the temperatures will be climbing.

With a round of rain expected tomorrow night and into Wednesday morning, this is hardly a dry turnaround. In fact, more showers are due for Thursday morning as another weather system drags through New England. Nevertheless, the warmth is undaunted, and mid-50s are a real possibility Thursday afternoon! 

There is a shelf life on this warmup. Cooler air should arrive by Friday, and we might even see some snow by the weekend.

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