Boston to Hold Public Hearing on GE Helipad

Boston's Fort Point neighborhood will soon be the home to General Electric — and possibly a brand new helipad.

The city promised GE a spot to land helicopters as part of a $100 million incentive package to get the company to move its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston.

At 6 p.m. Tuesday, city officials will hold a public hearing.

"I commend the council for having the hearing tonight," Mayor Marty Walsh said. "Let residents have their voices be heard."

No location has been chosen for the helipad yet. There has been some discussion of building it in the water.

While GE requested that the helipad be built, the city says anyone could pay to use it.

Walsh says he's confident it will not be disruptive.

"We're a world class city. We should have a helipad in the City of Boston," he said. "There won't be tours going around like they have in Manhattan."

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