Quentin Palfrey Hopes to Be Next Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

Quentin Palfrey has spent much of this past year introducing himself, making the case to voters why he's running to be the next lieutenant governor of Massachusetts.

Palfrey made the decision in part based on the actions of President Donald Trump.

"Fighting back against this awful, divisive and immoral Trump administration," Palfrey said.

He is also basing it on his concerns for his three young children.

"Sort of thinking about what is going to happen to their future," he explained.

Palfrey, 44, has never held elected office, but he feels his career choices, focused on fighting poverty and inequality, say a lot about his commitment.

Born and raised in Southborough, Palfrey spent his childhood watching his parents, both pediatricians serving some of the state's poorest communities.

After earning degrees from Harvard University and Harvard Law School, Palfrey worked for anti-poverty, non-profit organizations and was chief of the health care division in the Attorney General's Office, where he expanded access to care.

Palfrey said the honor of his career "was to serve as senior advisor to jobs and competitiveness in the White House under President Barack Obama."

In Washington, Palfrey says he focused on ways states can take advantage of changes in the economy to broaden access to jobs and opportunity.

It's why Palfrey says he's a better choice for lieutenant governor than his opponent, comedian Jimmy Tingle. Palfrey won the endorsement from Democrats at the state convention.

"Our experience is quite different," Palfrey said. "I have spent my career in government and in law. I've spent a lot of time thinking about how we can use government to help ordinary people."

Palfrey says if he wins, he would like to act as a bridge to cities and towns on issues like housing, education, transportation and the opioid crisis.

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