Quentin Palfrey Running for Mass. Attorney General, Believes He's Perfect Fit

The former assistant attorney general, 47, is making his experience the centerfold of his campaign

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There's a new name in the race to be the next Massachusetts Attorney General.

Quentin Palfrey, the former assistant attorney general, believes he is a perfect for the job.

"So I’ve had a chance to see firsthand how much impact the office can have," he shared. "When we were implementing Massachusetts landmark health reform law, I was the first chief of the healthcare division."

Palfrey went on to a senior position in the Barack Obama Administration and was acting general counsel in President Joe Biden’s commerce department.

"And was also responsible for cleaning up a lot of the legal messes that we inherited from the Trump Administration," he added.

Palfrey, 47, says he would follow the model of Attorney General Maura Healey, who has described the job as the “people’s attorney.”

"As someone who has worked in that office I think I could hit the ground running, leveraging the resources of that office to really stand up for consumers, for workers, to stand up for civil rights," he said.

Married with three young children, Palfrey says he gained invaluable experience in 2018 when he was the Democratic lieutenant gubernatorial nominee.

"I won a statewide primary by about 18 points and did that by building a grassroots network all across the state," he said.

Palfrey faces at least two Democratic opponents: former Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell and Labor Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan. A recent poll showed Campbell with a 30-point lead over Palfrey and Liss-Riordan, though Palfrey says he is not concerned.

"Look, it’s early. That poll was prior to the time when I even announced my campaign," he said. "And I think that we have an opportunity to make the case that my experience is the best fit for this role."

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