Quick-Moving Shower Expected to Douse Us Midweek

The last of the showers are scooting off Cape Cod Monday morning as the remnants of Tropical Storm Nestor spin away far to our southeast.

Expect some quick improvements Monday morning if you awake to any morning clouds. Because temps didn’t get all that low overnight, it should be an easy leap to the 60s for many of us in the afternoon. Coastal communities will be a little more challenged, however, as the winds will blow from the northeast throughout the day.

The next weather system is rolling out of the Plain States in our direction.

This one promises to douse us with rain later on Tuesday, and possibly spill into the Wednesday morning commute. No big wind-maker this time, but a gusty easterly breeze may top 30 mph along the immediate coast as it blows through late night on Tuesday.

In this fast weather flow, we do expect a tidy exit to the storm on Wednesday, so another bright finish is in the works. Here, too, the temps should be in the 60s thanks to a semi-mild night on Tuesday.

Overall, the pattern remains above normal temperature-wise. That may change as we head closer to Halloween. Some signs point to a pattern shift to much colder air. Timing issues this far out make that a hard forecast to pin down to the day.

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