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Temps to Slip Below Freezing

Typical maritime day here in Southern New England - with one exception. Along the Seacoast of New Hampshire ocean-effect snow swept in off the water and continued to bury towns and cities under 4-6" of white stuff. That should fade as the night wears on.

Elsewhere, it's the cold near the surface that's the problem. Liquid precipitation (mist and drizzle) is freezing on some sidewalks, side streets, cars and decks as temps slip below freezing tonight. Beware if you're traveling overnight.

We'll wake to that familiar gray before sun starts to poke out tomorrow. With cold air lacking, we're looking at highs in the 40s again.


In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area.

Quiet Week Ahead Before Potentially Stormy Weekend

Holy Cross Community Grieves Loss of Rower

In fact, we'll "bask" in those 40s all weekend long. Clouds will return on Sunday as a major storm slings a mountain of rain and intense wind toward New England.

Finer details like timing and rainfall amounts are still coming together, but from the looks of this monster, all the major components are there to make this a wet wallop Monday and Monday night. In any event, winds will be increasing ahead of this storm on Sunday, so bring your wind breaker to Gillette.

And oh, GOOOOOO PATS!!!!!!!

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