Quincy Nonprofit Using Whistles to Help Stop Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Volunteers plan to hand out whistles in Boston next

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It’s the sound of safety.

Hundreds of whistles were handed out Friday morning to senior citizens at the Germantown Neighborhood Center in Quincy, Massachusetts.

“They find this is something small but it’s going to be functional,” said Philip Chong, president of Quincy Asian Resources.

It’s a simple tool to protect Asian Americans from potential violence.

“If they are being harassed use it,” said Chong. “If they are being attacked, use it.”

Quincy Asian Resources organized the effort to help stop hate crimes. Whistles are being handed out in several cities from Quincy to New York and Los Angeles.

State Rep. Tackey Chan says this could be a life-saving tool.

“The whistle is jarring so you can hear it easy. It’s louder than screaming the word help,” he said.

Whistles will be handed out in Quincy in an effort to stop anti-Asian attacks.

The rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans prompted two Wellesley College graduates to come up with this idea.

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey said these whistles will empower everyone to get involved.

“It’s not just for the people blowing the whistle, it’s for people hearing the whistle,” said Morrissey.

This effort will continue. Volunteers plan to hand out whistles in Boston next.

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