Quincy Police Increase Patrols After 22 Break-ins Since November

Quincy police believe a man captured on surveillance video may be involved in 22 break-ins in the area

Quincy, Massachusetts police say they’re upping patrols after a series of break-ins in the area. Since November, 22 homes have been broken into, and police believe a man that has been captured on surveillance video may have played a role in the crime spree.

The man has been caught on camera wandering outside of homes and was even seen dropping down from a roof at one point.

Police are searching for that person of interest, who they say may have a connection to Rhode Island.

Authorities have asked for the public’s help with being extra vigilant.

Ted Anderson has lived on Stoney Brae Road for more than two decades and he can’t believe this is happening in his neighborhood.

"The neighbors are away on a vacation and they broke into the back and rummaged through the house," Anderson said.

At a public safety meeting Tuesday night, Lieutenant Dan Minton said the time of these break-ins is alarming, with some happening at 5:30 p.m. when people are just getting home.

“We need people to look out their windows on a regular basis and report what they're seeing," Lt. Minton said.

Penny Spellberg did just that, looking out her window last Monday.

"I looked out the window and there he was," she said.

Spellberg says she saw the man police have identified as a person of interest.

There are 35 police officers in plain clothes who are patrolling the area in hopes of catching their person of interest.

The string of break-ins remains under investigation.

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