Police Break Up Hopping Raccoon Party in Cape Cod Dumpster

The "fat and healthy" raccoons were released into the woods in Brewster, Massachusetts

Brewster raccoons in dumpster
Brewster Police Department

Police interrupted what appeared to be a very lively dinner party among some raccoons in a dumpster in Brewster, Massachusetts, on Tuesday.

The gathering featured seven adult raccoons, a record for the Cape Cod town, according to the local police department.

They posted a series of photos of the raccoons — known by some on the internet as "trash pandas" for their distinctive fur pattern and their proclivity for eating humans' garbage — to their Facebook page showing the "fat and healthy" creatures in the dumpster.

Animal control officers released the raccoons into the woods, police said, offering this advice for Brewster residents who don't want to become unwitting hosts to other raccoon parties: "Please remember to secure all dumpsters to prevent animals from getting trapped inside them."

A raccon that appeared to be drunk was seen stumbling through a Christmas market in Germany. The raccoon could be seen walking around unfazed around peoples' feet. The animal was later taken away by the fire department.
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