Jacob Blake

Racial Justice Rally in Boston Draws Hundreds of ‘Black Lives Matter' Supporters

The crowd shared live music and posted drawings of victims of deadly police shootings outside Trinity Church

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Hundreds of “Black Lives Matter” supporters rallied in Boston on Saturday to take a stand and make a statement for racial justice.

A diverse crowd came together in Copley Square, where those gathering shared live music and posted drawings of victims of deadly police shootings to the ground outside Trinity Church.

“People are trying to heal as well as grieve at the same time,” supporter Pooka Jackson said. “It’s a tough time in our community but also our nation.”

President Trump and Joe Biden are preparing to return to the campaign trail after a weekend of protests. Biden will speak Monday in Pittsburgh, while the president on Tuesday will take his law and order message to Kenosha, Wisconsin. The president's planned visit, which does not include a meeting with Jacob Blake's family, comes despite requests from the governor and mayor to stay away.

The group of largely college students and artists called for investing money in Black communities and for defunding the police, as well as justice in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, police shooting of Jacob Blake, who remains in the hospital.

“This is ridiculous what’s going on in this world right now, man,” said Maurice Eumman, another “Black Lives Matter” supporter.

A Chicago resident, Eumman travelled to Boston for this gathering.

“Jake Blake, man. That’s my friend, man. Close friend, man,” Eumman said. “We got to support these people.”

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