Racist Graffiti Found Outside Mass. Elementary School During Open House Event

The graffiti was found outside the Indian Head Elementary School in Hanson, according to the district's superintendent and town's police chief.

During an open house event this week at an elementary school in Hanson, Massachusetts, one parent made a horrifying discovery.

A parent noticed racist graffiti on a light pole outside the Indian Head Elementary School on Tuesday, Whitman-Hanson Regional School District Superintendent Jeffrey Szymaniak and Hanson Police Chief Michael Miksch announced.

The parent reported the disturbing finding to a police officer working detail, officials said without providing any details on the graffiti.

The superintendent said the incident is not reflective of the inclusive environment they strive to achieve within the school district.

“We take this situation very seriously and want the community to know that what was found at the school this week in no way reflects the values and principles of our schools or the community as a whole,” Szymaniak said in a statement. “We strive to make the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District an open and inclusive place for all."

Any student, parent or community member that would like to discuss this or any other issue with school officials is encouraged to reach out to them, Szymaniak said.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Hanson police at 781-293-4625. The school district and Hanson Police Department are actively investigating.

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