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Rain Has Calmed Down the Pollen for Now, But It Returns Friday

Humidity tonight and heavy rains Thursday will continue to keep our pollen counts lower

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Achoo! Oh, those stubborn allergies! But have you noticed slight improvement today?

Rain helped us bring our pollen count down as it washes it away and keeps it from flying around the air as it happens on a sunny and breezy day. The humidity that follows after a rainy day also keeps our pollen on the ground as moisture weighs it down.

But will this low count continue for tomorrow? While you might be rushing into work and attempting to get your coffee, kids or breakfast on time, here's the silver lining: our pollen forecast will remain low through much of the day. And that’s precisely because we’re having another round of heavy rain washing out the few pollen that has lingered in the air this dry evening.

Studies show pollen season has become worse the past few decades. Right now, we're getting a double whammy of oak and late tree pollens and grass pollen.

Friday afternoon will bring a lovely sunny day with temperatures in the 80s and wind gusts near 20 mph - but the tradeoff is a high pollen forecast.

Saturday and Sunday might also bring somewhat unsettled weather, moisture will likely increase and keep our pollen forecast moderate as it won’t be a complete washout of a rain event.

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