Rain Impacts Golf Courses' Bottom Lines Around New England

The Green Hill Golf Course in Worcester, Massachusetts is among the courses dealing with waterlogged greens

All the rain New England has been getting has not only been putting a damper on people's moods, but it's also been keeping people indoors so far this spring. Among the places feeling the impact of the inclement weather are golf courses.

Matthew Moison, director of the Green Hill Golf Course in Worcester, Massachusetts, showed NBC10 Boston the waterlogged greens on Wednesday.

"We can't get our mowers through it and our tractors through it," said Moison. "It's been a problem since the fall."

Since Jan. 1, Worcester has recorded 21 inches of rain, nearly 5 inches above average.

"We've been double hit this fiscal year last fall," said Moison. "Last fall was the worst fall in 30 years I've been in the golf business. We closed the golf course due to wet conditions."

There is a difference between heavy rain during the fall and heavy rain during the spring.

"In the fall, the grass is shutting down, it's not absorbing the water, it's not sucked up into the plants, everything in quieting down," explained Moison. "In the spring time everything is ready to pop, you get a little sun, water gets soaked up - it's a littler to manage in the spring time than the fall."

Ideal weather would be sunshine, a dry stretch of weather and temperatures in the 80s. The odds of that? Low at least through the end of the week.

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