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Rain to End, Warming Trend to Move In

The rain gradually shuts off this evening, but many clouds and some drizzle will linger most of the night.

Rainfall totals from this system have been mixed. Amounts close to a half inch near the south coast, and less than a 10th of an inch near Boston. Parts of northern New England had between .1 and .2 inches of rain.

Temperatures that were so cold for Memorial Day, with some spots near 50° for a high, will be moderating.

A warming trend begins now (it does not get much colder than yesterday this time of year).

Temperatures that were so cold for Memorial Day, with some spots near 50 degrees for a high, will be moderating.

After a chilly start this morning, we should warm to at least the 60s, still a little cool for this time of year but it's a step in the right direction.

The sky condition may be a different story though as we are going to remain mostly cloudy. There's an upper-level low pressure system moving through the Midwest and it's going to take most of the week to go by.

That means clouds build up each afternoon with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm pretty much every day this week. Expect some spots showers and storms in western and northern New England.

Temperatures moderate further tomorrow with highs in the 70s, and a better chance for showers and thunderstorms making it all the way from the mountains to the coast by late in the day and at night. Most areas are not raining most of the time, but when it does rain it can rain hard perhaps with a damaging wind gust in any thunderstorm.

Thursday may end up brighter and dryer, but then another front will approach from the southwest with a period of rain, and perhaps thunder later Friday, into the start of the weekend.

Temperatures will likely fall back a little bit closer to 70 degrees.

If the weekend starts off damp we expect improvement, so Sunday may be the pic of the weekend, with temperatures in the lower 70s.

We'll work on that.

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