Rainbow Flags Pop Up in Mass. Town

A letter to the editor in the Carlisle Mosquito is generating all sorts of buzz in town.

Long-time resident Sally Naumann wrote the letter, criticizing the First Religious Society Church for flying a rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, in the center of town.

“It was to promote homosexuality,” Naumann told NBC Boston. “That’s very hurtful to people. It’s a lot of disease that comes with it, nobody is born that way.”

But the backlash was quick.

Several residents wrote scathing rebukes, and some started planting flags on their own property.

“The response is just terrific, very Carlisle,” said resident Linda Myers-Tierney. “Everybody turning out putting rainbow flags out.”

Four flags were planted outside a real estate office in town.

“Well it was kind of upsetting to see someone that thinks people like us have dangerous behavior,” said realtor Debbie Spaulding.

Church leaders have no plans on removing the flag.

“Mostly I think we felt it was sad that there’s a level of fear of the way some people love each other,” said Rev. Lisa Mobayed.

As for Naumann, she doesn’t regret the letter, despite the sudden surge in flags around her.

“I don’t get upset about it,” said Naumann. “I get excited. I can’t do anything more than speak my peace.”

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