Rallies Held Across Mass. on Gun Violence Awareness Day: ‘Power in Numbers'

"We do not have to live this way. This should not be the narrative of gun violence in our country and children, no one should have to die this way."

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In the wake of a number of mass shootings in the United States, including at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, there were calls for change coming from across the state of Massachusetts on Friday as the nation marked national Gun Violence Awareness day.

One of the largest events held across the Bay State on Friday was the gun violence awareness rally outside the DCU Center in Worcester as politicians and delegates were gathering for the state democratic convention.

As Democrats head to Worcester tonight to kick off the party convention, both virtually and in person, all eyes will be on the two candidates for Governor, Maura Healey and Sonia Chang Diaz.

In Brockton, they wore orange and had a message to deliver.

“One life lost is one too many and I also know that all of us here today understand that to create effective change, whatever that change is, there’s power in numbers,” Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan said.

Orange is the color of the day for National Gun Violence Awareness day because it's the color hunters wear to make themselves visible to other hunters so they won't get shot.

In Sharon, supporters gathered for their third annual observance.

Recent shootings across the country, including 10 killed in a Buffalo grocery store and 21 people killed -- 19 of them children -- at a Texas school, are on everyone's mind.

"We do not have to live this way. This should not be the narrative of gun violence in our country and children, no one should have to die this way," one woman said at the rally.

In Lexington, Moms Demand Action promoted action as they urged people to demand tougher gun laws from Washington.

One of the leaders said that violence across the country has galvanized many for the group.

"Just in Massachusetts, thousands and thousands of people have basically joined as a volunteer just in the past two weeks," said Rina Schneur.

A recurring theme at Friday's rallies emphasized that while Massachusetts has tough gun laws, but more can be done here and more needs to be done in Washington.

In Canada, you need a license, training and two references to buy a gun, and there is a 28-day waiting period for your purchase. And many of these restrictions were imposed in response to a school shooting in Montreal that killed 14 students. Now Canada could impose a freeze on handgun purchases, citing a rise in gun violence and concerns about recent mass shootings in the U.S. Mustafa Tameez, a former Department of Homeland Security official, joins LX News to discuss the legislation.
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