Randolph Police Search for 2 Vehicles After Woman Shot in Arm

Police found a 24-year-old Randolph woman who had been shot once in her right arm

Randolph Police

Police in Randolph, Massachusetts are searching for two vehicles in connection with a shooting that took place late Saturday night that left a woman injured.

Randolph police responded to a report of a shooting at around 11:55 p.m. in the parking lot of AutoToys at 517 North Main Street.

Upon arrival, officers found a 24-year-old Randolph woman who had been shot once in her right arm. First responders and paramedics were already on the scene.

Officers responded to a call just after 4 p.m. for a reported shooting in the area of 82 Wheatland Ave.

The woman was transported to a local hospital. Her injury is not believed to be life-threatening.

According to an initial investigation, the victim was with a group of friends who were in a parked car parked when multiple gunshots were fired and the victim was struck, police said. The rear windshield of the vehicle was shattered.

The victim told police that she was sitting on the lower door frame of the front driver's side seat with the door open, when she said a man approach the vehicle from the rear.

Others in the vehicle and nearby neighbors said they did not see suspects or vehicles fleeing from the area, according to authorities.

According to police, surveillance footage shows two vehicles in the area of the shooting that appeared to be driving together.

Police said two suspects were observed running from scene and appeared to enter a sedan that was parked behind the second vehicle, believed to be a Ford Explorer, before driving off.

Police are actively investigating and anyone with information is asked to call 781-963-1212.  

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