Half-Cooked? Rare Two-Toned Lobster Found in Maine, Now on Display

The red-and-black crustacean is one of four unique lobsters on display at the Discovery Wharf in Stonington

A rare, two-toned lobster that looks like it's been half-cooked has been saved from the boiling pot and is now on display at a marine education center in Stonington, Maine.

Stonington fisherman Capt. Daryl Dunham caught the red-and-black crustacean last week and brought it to the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries' Discovery Wharf, the center said.

Lobsters are usually dark colored, a blue-green or green-brown, according to the University of Maine's Lobster Institute. The odds of finding a split-colored one are one in 50 million, far rarer than finding a blue or yellow lobster, though it has happened before.

Lobsters usually turn red only when cooked.

This lobster, which does not yet have a name, according to center officials, is now one of four unique-looking ones on on display there. The free education center also has a blue lobster and two calico.

The lobsters can be viewed in the Discovery Wharf's touch tank.

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