Rash of Package Thefts Under Investigation in South Boston

Package after package has been stolen in South Boston.

"If a package is sitting out there, I'm just afraid someone's going to take it," said South Boston resident Mattew McGeoghegan.

Signs are popping up alerting FedEX, the U.S. Post Office and other companies not to leave packages at the front door.

In the most recent incident, a man can be seen stuffing two packages down his pants.

"You can't have packages delivered to your stairs anymore," said Brenna Ford, a South Boston resident who had a package of shoes stolen about a month ago.

The problem is so frustrating that Angela Millard installed an additional camera outside her home.

"He didn't get much," said Millard. "I think we've had two packages stolen since we've lived here, and I think they got a floor grate and an umbrella cover."

It's unknown exactly how bad the problem is, but a look at the Southie Community Bulletin Board Facebook page reveals fed-up homeowners regularly posting videos of porch pirates and hoping the public will help police in identifying the thieves.

The post office says people should consider using a P.O. box, opt for registered mail or signature service, or have packages delivered to their work.

"It's annoying to order a package and have it stolen, so for me personally, I've been sending it to my offices instead of having them be left at home," said Ford.

As for the man seen in the video stuffing a package in his pants, police say no arrests have been made.

Police say if this crime happens to you, you should always file a police report first.

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