Rat Infestation Rocks Neighborhood in Shirley

Be careful where you walk in the Calderwood's home.

There's a rat obstacle course in their kitchen.

"This can happen to anybody," said Lindsay Calderwood of Shirley. "There's nothing about our house that would draw rats in."

The Calderwood's setup cameras to record the noises they heard at night. Sure enough, video shows rats scurrying on the ground and into the trash can.

"In the video, when you can see it pawing at everything," said Calderwood. "It was gross."

Wednesday afternoon, she was back in her home for the first time in two weeks. Thanksgiving Day, they found a dead rat in their driveway. They were gone the next day; the family of five evacuated to her mother's home in Groton.

Calderwood said the rat issue is neighborhood-wide and has filed a complaint with the town's Board of Health.

"I want the board of health to actually address the problem for the people in the town," said Calderwood.

Monday night, Calderwood went to the Board of Selectmen with her problem. Shirley Town Administrator Michael McGovern said finding a solution is not as simple as you think.

He said there are legal issues when it comes to fixing a problem on someone's private property.

According to McGovern, next Monday there will be another meeting where they hope to find an appropriate solution.

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