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Raul's Pick: Jets Trying to Play Role of Spoiler in Foxborough

The Patriots haven't forgotten last year, when the Jets beat them in December

I’ve said it since the start of training camp. The New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. 

That prediction could take a hit with a loss to the Jets Saturday. 

But fear not. It’s home and it’s against the Jets. 

Now I know these two tend to play in close games, but I’m not seeing it that way in this one. 

Bryce Petty is the quarterback. He’s fine, but will struggle at Gillette Stadium.

Plus this Patriots team hasn’t forgotten what happened last year. They were in the same position this time last year and lost to the Jets and then the Dolphins. They lost the one seed and then they lost to the Broncos in Denver in the AFC Championship game. 

The Patriots are focused and relatively healthy. My prediction? 31-10 New England. 

I’m not sure if Oakland will lose to the Colts, but if they do? The Pats will have a lot of time to rest and the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through Foxborough.

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