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Raul’s Rant: Patriots Defense Has to Change

Defense ranks 25th in sacks and they have issues creating turnovers.

We all saw what happened to the Patriots on Sunday and I think we all have to recognize there’s some problems. 

This offensive line has improved from last year, but Tom Brady is taking too many hits. In 5 games, he's been sacked 10 times. I know he looks like he’s 29, but let’s remember, he’s 39. Keep him upright because that is one guy you can’t afford to lose. 

I think it’s pretty obvious what the major issue is going forward. Defense. At the end of the Seahawks loss, Bill belichick said it’s on him and the coaches and I actually agree. 

What happened to this D? They were supposed to take it to the next level. They rank 25th in sacks and have issues creating turnovers. Not only did Russell Wilson have all day to throw, but his receivers were wide open. 

Where’s the physicality? Changes need to be made and it needs to happen quickly. The good news is this staff can try to shake it up as they get set to face three straight abysmal offenses.

Look, I believe this team is going to the Super Bowl, but we all know getting there is not good enough.

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