Red Sox Fans Flock to Modell's to Buy Gear After ALCS

Modell's Sporting Goods in Medford, Massachusetts, is helping fans sport their Red Sox pride with official American League Championship Series merchandise.

"This is my second round," said Red Sox fan Chris Soule-Bailey. "I'm back. I was here last night in the bottom of the 7th inning. I'm very excited about them going to the World Series again."

The lifelong Red Sox fan was among the customers at Modell's buying the championship gear right after the Sox beat the Houston Astros Thursday night.

She is serious about her Red Sox apparel, so Soule-Bailey wet back to the store Friday to buy more right after doors open at 6 a.m Friday.

"My shirt is underneath this hoodie," she said. "I came back to get a couple more, but I have to come back because there's no hats or magnets or anything."

She is not alone.

"This is great," said fan Chris Foley. "I go in and then go to work."

Loyal Red Sox fans beamed with pride as many clamored to get inside the store, including some who arrived before doors opened, to claim their official ALCS championship swag.

Red Sox wins are good for business, said the store's general manager, Dan Clayton. He said Red Sox gear will make up 50-60 percent of business for during the World Series.

"We really want to get everything out for the series, for the fans," Clayton said. "It was a great game last night. This is the tip of the iceberg. This is just the beginning."

Thursday night's series ending victory is also creating Red Sox fever among fans.

"I just feel this team is destined to win this year," said fan Steve Morandi. "We got a great bunch of players and we're going to win it all."

"We're going to the World Series and we're going to win it in 5," said Soule-Bailey.

Next stop for the Sox is Fenway Park for the World Series opener Tuesday night, where they'll face off against either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Milwaukee Brewers.

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