Red Sox Pitcher David Price Says Fans Have Racially Taunted Him

Teammates, staff were among those who stood up for Price

Pitcher David Price says his first year with the Red Sox was a bit disappointing, not in terms of performance, but because of racial taunts he heard from fans.

Price told the Boston Globe that by mid-season, some fans were taunting him during his warm ups. He said that at times, "it got pretty rough."

Price said that the racially motivated comments disappointed both him and his teammates.

Mike Brenly, the Sox bullpen catcher, and the Fenway guards were among those who stood up for Price.

“It’s all right. I don’t care about that. My mom is white and my dad is black. I’ve heard that since I’ve been in school,” Price told the Globe. “There’s nothing you can say to me that I haven’t heard before. Your ignorance is not going to affect what I’m trying to do. But I feel sad it’s still out there.”

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